June 23:

Philadelphia: Missing car found burned; no sign of three workers. Car was on list circulated statewide by Canton White Citizens Council.

Jackson: Shots fired at home of Rev. R.L.T. Smith. White man escapes on foot, reportedly picked up by a city truck. (Smith’s home is under 24-hour guard.)

Moss Point: Knights of Pythais Hall firebombed… Arson attempt on side of building. Damage slight. Used for voter rallies.

Moss Point: Two summer volunteers picked up as they leave cafe, relax on private lawn. Taken by police at 85 m.p.h. without lights at night to Pascagoula jail. Held in “protective custody” overnight, then released.

Jackson: Civil rights worker held eight hours after receiving $5 change for a $20 bill.

Jackson: White Car Fires shot at Henderson’s cafe. Negroes pursue. Three shots fired, hitting one Negro in head twice.

Clarksdale: Local pastor, a civil rights leader, arrested for reckless drunk driving. He is a total abstainer.

State-wide: Negroes try to attend Democratic Party country conventions. Participation systematically discouraged.

Ruleville: LOOK, TIME reporters covering voter rally at Williams chapel, chased out of town by car at speeds up to 85 m.p.h. Early next morning, nine Negro homes, cars hit by bottles thrown from similar car.